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Empower Health USA enables healthcare organizations to provide access to maternal healthcare for women and their children by creating and navigating pathways to bring empathetic human interaction, education, and medical expertise at scale. 

Through providing various human, technology, and infrastructure solutions Empower Health USA improves clinical and financial outcomes, reduces costs, and increases health equity to the specific population of women and children across the country, of which many are currently at risk.

Facilitating partnerships and results with a field trial to help women in East Tennessee

With tremendous community cooperation and involvement, Empower Health USA facilitated a field trial for the collaborative 'Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies' program in East Tennessee. Below you can see a list and map of all of the partners and locations engaged in the field trial.


•  837 education sessions were provided for at-risk women.
•  Over 80% voluntarily selected a healthcare pathway to avoid an unintended pregnancy while under the influence of opioids or alcohol.

Real Stories from Field Trial Participants

April, 33, was in treatment at an outpatient clinic for opiate use disorder with a 5-year-old son.

Previously, she had twins that were stillborn, and became immediately pregnant again.

Baby Ray was born with NAS;

Ray died 2 weeks later in NICU.


Robin was incarcerated for a drug offense and had a drug and alcohol problem since high school.

She had 5 children previously, and wants highly effective birth control.


Robin said "I know it's possible I will use when I get out, so I need to get on birth control."


Joy, 34 years old, has 6 children.

Two live with relatives, three children in DCS custody, and the youngest may go into DCS custody.

She used the pill and depo in the past but admits she can be impulsive and forgets her scheduled dosage.


Our Technology

Improving healthcare access and navigation through proprietary technology, content, providing medical expertise, and resources. All delivered at scale.

Powering Education and Engagement.

Infrastructure Goal:

Distribute proprietary HIPPA compliant medical expertise and content across the United States. We built a custom platform that distributes medical expertise and resources to any corner of the USA, via live medical consultation with a team of healthcare professionals.


Quality healthcare requires more than just a HIPPA compliant video conferencing system. It requires scheduling integration, the ability to print and distribute important information, follow up services, the capacity to log and track questions and metrics, and the development of educational modules and videos to accurately and consistently communicate information across multiple locations. We solved all these problems and more to get people everywhere the healthcare they need.


Our unique telehealth system relieves a massive cost burden issue within the healthcare system. Often, clinics have limited resources available for their patients, and now with Empower Health USA they can access care and information through our clinical team and educational modules.

Example Session:

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