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Empower Health USA was initially formed as a research and development technology company leveraging the 15+ years of education technology development, field implementation and operations experience the founders gained at Education Networks of America (www.ena.com).


Education Networks of America (ENA) is one of the largest providers of education technology in the U.S. with 8,000+ schools in 35 states served daily. A key service technology developed at ENA was the use of distance learning for teacher-student engagement.  We applied these service technology concepts to create the telehealth system for our patient education and engagement platform. This system forms the core of the Empower Health USA program.


The Empower Health USA platform merges high-tech with empathetic high-touch. It has been built from the ground up to provide a one-on-one deep human connection that allows sensitive information to be discussed freely and effectively with difficult-to-reach populations. It supports the tools necessary to help navigate patients to their selected prevention or treatment pathway.

Unintended Opioid Pregnancies


Empower Health USA is now focused on identifying, developing and delivering population health management (PHM) intervention programs. Our target opportunities are those with a rapidly realized benefit and a high ROI in the form of a savings that can be easily measured. Our service delivers primary prevention and other PHM services that reduce or eliminate the need for expensive treatments. We are focused on populations that are historically isolated, under-served, or face insurmountable barriers to traditional care paths.


Our current focus is helping child bearing age opioid-using women avoid the psychological, medical, and social impact of unintended opioid pregnancies. This issue accrues an estimated $100 Billion of annual liabilities to an array of state and federal government agencies, as well as causing major human impact with both short and long-term consequences for affected children and families.


The primary cause of opioid-affected pregnancies is the lack of effective contraceptive use in the targeted population leading to an 86% unintended pregnancy rate. Our intervention provides the at-risk population an awareness of the risks of an opioid-affected pregnancy, choices for effective contraception, and navigation to a women’s health provider to receive their contraceptive choice. Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) is a well-known solution in the general population and it provides a 99.7% effective prevention of an opioid-affected pregnancy.


We have completed education field testing with more than 500 at-risk women and documented that more than 50% indicate a preference for LARC. This primary prevention intervention is directly measurable and has a high immediate value to patients, providers, and numerous state and federal agencies. We are seeking partners to help us develop our contractual model and connect to appropriate state, federal, and insurance stakeholders.





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