What if?

A group of people had a big health problem that causes human suffering, and drives billions of dollars in medical and social costs?

What if?

We knew about a proactive solution that is 99.7% effective in avoiding that human suffering and we could save those billions of dollars?

What if?

All that was missing was to empower people to access the solution?

That's the vision behind


The opioid crisis is ravaging communities across the country...

The Opioid Crisis

2015 Overdose Deaths per 100,000

4     8   12   16   20

    Opioid-affected birth complications:


      -low birth weight

      -drug withdrawal: seizures, vomiting,

      diarrhea, high pitch crying, tremors

...and more...

Its most innocent victims - newborn babies - have been largely ignored.



There is already evidence that opioid affected birth complications extend well into childhood development and beyond.


Opioid pregnancies are predominately unintended, and they are driving billions of dollars in costs for acute care, ongoing medical care, and social services, including foster care. Almost all of these costs are paid by state and federal government agencies.

This is a big problem, but it is preventable. The key is for at-risk women to be knowledgeable about, and have access to Long-Acting, Reversible Contraceptive care (LARC) that is 99.7% effective. This can only be accomplished in an environment that is supportive, fully voluntary, and free from coercion.

Our Strategic Plan for preventing unintended opioid pregnancies.


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